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A powerful trio of antiviral/antibacterial plants 💥 
Each on their own is potent medicine...but when they dance together...synergy happens.
Their magic magnifies! •Yarrow•Elderberry•Bergamot• 
Take at first sign of infection, to prevent or heal a cold or flu...(not for pregnancy) but safe for children...mine love it mixed into homemade popsicles, or drops in tea. :) Elderberry is a non specific antiviral...excellent for warding off flu and colds and sinus infections. 
Bergamot is an excellent herb for any cold or flu especially those accompanied by coughing, sore throat, chest congestion and fever. 
Is. The. Best. 
Infections. All of them.💥
antibacterial. Kicks a sickness in the buttocks.

Immune Dance

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