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Beginning on the full moon of this Winter Solstice, we will explore one plant a month through 13 full moon cycles.

A slow layering of felt experience, information and soul work. 

We will weave, one by one, these 13 allies into our waking and dreaming landscapes. 

Through hands on and hands off medicine crafting, conscious imbibing, journaling, guided meditation, and reflective exercises.

A deep dive into reverence and listening to the plants.  


This program is not so much a course of study, but a path of learning…not just for what they are used for and can do for you, but who they are, who you are and how might you be together. What does our belonging with each other really look like?

Lets journey together! 

A re-connection.

A re-sourcing.

A re-weaving.

A re-lating. 

Develop your unique relationship with these plant beings.


For this journey you will receive: 


*A mailed package including-

~a one year supply of 13 handcrafted locally harvested medicinal tinctures (25ml each). 

~A set of beautiful handmade Medicine Flags featuring all 13 of the plants.

~A smoke medicine bundle of locally harvested dried mugwort


*online monthly-

Each full moon-

~plant information and medicine musings

~plant activities/crafting/harvesting information (differs monthly)


Each new moon-

~reflective plant exercises 

~plant meditation audio or plant craft video (depending on season)


As a bonus you will also receive a 25% discount on all handcrafted medicinals, 1st aid and skin care products available in my online shop for the duration of the program.


The 13 Plants that we will journey with and the 13 tinctures you will receive are:







-wild rose

-milky oats







Stinging nettle will be with you throughout this journey. not one of the 13, but the thread weaving it all together with deep nourishment throughout the year. 

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